Current Board of Directorsboard

Mr. L. Charles Marcon – Chair
Mr. Lee A. Butz – Vice Chair

Mr. Dennis A. Domchek – Vice Chair and Treasurer
Ms. Laura Bennett – Secretary
Dr. Augustine Moffitt, Jr. – Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary
Dr. Stephen P. DeWeerth
Ms. Cherie M. Gudz
Mr. Christopher Masciantonio
Atty. Kathleen M. Mills
Ms. Thea Phalon
Mr. Ned Rauch-Mannino
Atty. Russ Smith

Former Members of Board of Directors

Mr. Curtis H. “Hank” Barnette^
Mr. Colin G. Campbell

Dr. Spencer R. Crew
Mr. Stephen G. Donches
Dr. Gregory C. Farrington
Mr. Jeffrey P. Feather
Fr. Daniel G. Gambet, O.S.F.S.

Dr. Brent D. Glass
Mr. William C. Hittinger*
Ms. Priscilla Payne Hurd*^
Mr. John A. Jordan Jr.
The Honorable Drew Lewis*
Mr. Gary L. Millenbruch
Dr. J. Dennis O’Connor
Ms. Heather Rodale
Dr. Ervin J. Rokke
Mr. Richard F. Schubert
Mr. Charles D. Snelling*
The Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh
Mr. Harold A. Wagner

^former Chair