NMIH offers changing educational programs to enhance our visitor experience and to deepen an understanding of the exhibition content for the general public as well as for school groups.

Docent-led Tours

  • Available with booking
  • $15 flat rate for up to 20 guests.  Additional $15 for extra docent for groups over 20.

Our docent led tours enhance visitor experience.  Our general tour offers visitors a more in depth perspective on the exhibition.  In addition we plan to offer a menu of unique tours.  The first of these is being launched in January of 2017 and carries the theme, “How it Works.”  Future tour topics include: marketing in industry and the struggle between labor and management.

Contact the Education Coordinator, Kitsa Behringer, at 610-694-6673 or for more information on docent-led tours.

Hands on Learning Stations

  • Available to school and community tour groups upon request
  • Will soon be available to visitors on a rotating basis
  • Cost: Free with admission

Most of our artifacts are behind rails and glass, so we have designed hands-on learning carts which offer our visitors a chance to learn through touch.

Gallery Guides in our 1876 Centennial Gallery invite visitors to see and touch a sample piece produced from each of our woodworking machines differentiating each machine’s purpose. They share samples of hand-made and mass produced nails so visitors can discover first-hand the importance of standardization to mass production.

In the Iron and Steel Gallery, visitors have the opportunity to handle the local natural resources and finished products that are the foundation of Pennsylvania’s industrial heritage and that specifically gave rise to a global iron and steel empire.  

In the Silk Gallery, we provide visitors a chance to understand the silk making process by touching silk worm cocoons and feeling silk in various stages of production.  Visitors play a matching game between natural dyes, their plant source, and colorful silk threads.  Visitors are also able to handle punch card replicas to understand how a pattern is translated into a series of holes that direct the loom to lift and lower the warp.

Meet the Experts

    • Third Saturday of each month
    • 11 am
    • Cost: Free with NMIH membership or with the cost of admission

The Meet the Experts series was designed to connect our visitors with various authorities who have practical experience in an industrial, manufacturing, or ethnographic fields.  Experts offer first-hand experience or professional research in a particular industry, or related topic.  The primary goals of this program are to select topics and speakers that deepen understanding, promote discussions about the past, and foster an appreciation for the ingenuity of inventors as well as the dedication of workers in the industrial stories presented in the exhibition.

Contact the Education Coordinator, Kitsa Behringer, at 610-694-6673 or for more information on the Meet the Experts program.

School Group Tours

Field trips make curriculum come alive for students and this spring approximately 1,000 local fifth grade students will visit NMIH in an effort to reinforce class concepts related to our city’s and our nation’s industrial heritage.  This opportunity will help students develop an understanding and appreciation for Bethlehem’s historical significance—especially as it relates to America’s industrial era.  As part of their field trip, students will be visiting the Hoover Mason Trestle— an elevated park built atop a railway that was used to carry coke, limestone, and iron ore to the blast furnaces—uniquely connecting the NMIH exhibition directly to the cultural landscape.

Contact the Education Coordinator, Kitsa Behringer, at 610-694-6673 or to discuss custom tours for individual school subject groups or homeschooling groups.

Young Reader’s Program and Artifact Show and Tell

  • Second Saturday of each month
  • 10am
  • Ages 5+
  • Cost: Free

Our Young Reader’s Program and Artifact Show and Tell was designed to connect a young audience with   our industrial history and with some of the people, inventions and ideas that changed the world.  Following a story-telling, the children have an opportunity to explore artifacts from the NMIH collection that relate to the story.

Girl/Boy Scout Badge Days

Playing at the Past Badge

    • Girl Scouts: Junior Scouts (grades 4-5)
    • Saturday, September 30, 2017 10-12
    • Cost: $23
    • Register Online at

Coming Soon
Inventor Badge

  • Girl Scouts: Brownie Scouts (grades 2-3)

Engineering Badge

  • Boy Scouts

NMIH is currently partnering with the Girl/Boy Scouts of America to offer special Badge days which will provide scouts with opportunities to learn skills, discover new interests, and inspire them to innovate and create beyond the limits of the school classroom and in particular as it relates to industrial and social history as well as with STEAM initiatives.