Gingerbread Bridges & Skyscrapers Challenge

Gingerbread Bridges & Skyscrapers Challenge

Presenting sponsor: G.C. Zarnas & Co., Inc.

Thank you to all 19 entries for our inaugural Gingerbread Bridges & Skyscrapers Challenge! We had a fantastic turnout from all ages and some truly amazing works of culinary creativity.  The winners are:

Elementary School:
Best Design – Gingerbread Skyscraper with Doghouse by Courtney and Gregory Sheats-Mueller

Most Creative – Gingerbread Skyscraper with Doghouse by Courtney and Gregory Sheats-Mueller

Middle School:
Best Design – London Bridge by Trevor Grice, Eshaan Patel, Joshua Pulver, and Owen Rodgers from Springhouse Middle School
Most Creative – Bungee Jump by Grace Clewell and Aliki Lountzis from Springhouse Middle School

High School:
Best Design – Avengers Stark Tower by Judith Milositz and students from Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School
Most Creative – Rialto Bridge by Emmaus High School Advanced Foods Class

Best Design – Empire State Building by Lynn Yonally and Elizabeth Foretek
Most Creative – Chrysler Building by Gerry Genrich

Thank you to the below sponsors, our fantastic participants, and all of the volunteers and staff that made this year’s program such a success!  Also a special thank you to our judges  Grace Zarnas of G.C. Zarnas & Co., Inc., Rob Avitabile of Alvin H. Butz, Joe Carpenter of Nyleve Bridge Corp. and Larry Lang, NMIH Volunteer and Retired School Teacher.



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