NMIH to host Manufacturing Week Activities

The third annual Pennsylvania Manufacturing Week kicks off the first week in October. Throughout the week, Pennsylvania institutions and manufacturers hold events to give students and their families an inside look at today’s and yesterday’s industrial manufacturing. The week long celebration coincides with national Manufacturing Day on October 6.  “These events highlight the importance of manufacturing not only in our country’s history, but in our current world in which advances in technology are being made daily and require new engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators,” said Kara Mohsinger, President and CEO of NMIH.  “These events will inspire creativity through STEM activities and help foster a curiosity in manufacturing and industry.”

Pennsylvania Manufacturing Week and Manufacturing Day are part of a movement to build positive perceptions about manufacturing, draw attention to the amazing career opportunities available, and highlight the industry’s important contributions to our economy. We want to share the many exciting opportunities in manufacturing, an industry which offers great history that provides benefits, strong job security, and fulfilling work with ongoing professional development. Manufacturing Week at the National Museum of Industrial History is sponsored by Orasure Technologies.

Events include:

The Global Cardboard Challenge – Saturday, October 6th from 10am to 2pm
The Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual event presented by the Imagination Foundation that celebrates child creativity and the role communities can play in fostering it. Children are invited to build anything they can dream up using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. The Challenge lets children explore their interests and passions; teaches critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance, teamwork and other 21st century skills; and brings communities together to foster and celebrate child creativity. This free program will be running throughout the day and will be facilitated by the National Museum of Industrial History’s Education Coordinator, Kitsa Behringer. Join us for a fun-filled day of creativity, imagination, and engineering problem solving!

Motors, Magnets, and Dynamos Family STEM Activity – Sunday, October 7th at 3pm
Museum visitors are invited to participate in a free STEM program during our Free Family Sunday (children are free with adult admission). Young people will join Ted Schwartz, former motor inspector at Bethlehem Steel, electrical supervisor and operations superintendent at Air Products as he guides children through the relationship between everyday magnets, electric motors, and dynamos (generators). The program will utilize museum artifacts and models plus some surprises from everyday life.


Eye Spy Challenge – October 3-7
Young visitors to the Museum will be provided with a Free Eye Spy activity guide. The guide includes artifact scavenger hunts, trivia, games and prompts young visitors to devise their own inventions and ideas. Eye Spy at the Museum is a fun and educational way for children to explore the Museum with their families.



Movie Screenings – Saturday, October 6th at 2:30pm and Sunday, October 7th at 1pm
The Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) partnered with PBS39 to create an online video series, “Inside Manufacturing”. Very few young people have seen what advanced manufacturing facilities look like on the inside. The Inside Manufacturing Series opens the doors to twelve area companies in Northampton and Lehigh County, revealing the technology, career opportunities and modern work environments that are characteristic of today’s manufacturing companies. Each video was edited and created using the What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? Student Video Contest footage filmed by area eighth grade students. The National Museum of Industrial History will offer free screenings of the video series throughout the week to help our young visitors find out what a job is like in manufacturing right here in their area.

Caine’s Arcade is a short film about a nine-year-old boy’s cardboard arcade, and his dream of having customers. The short film became a global phenomenon in 2012, with over 10 million views online. Tens-of-thousands of customers visited Caine’s Arcade to play, and kids around the world began making their own cardboard arcades. Shortly after posting the film, the Global Cardboard Challenge was launched to foster kid creativity worldwide.

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