How It Works: Running a Museum's Archives

Sunday, January 27th at 2pm

How does a museum manage nearly 100,000 pieces of archival material? Archival specialist Joel Hoffner will lead a discussion about the work of his team as they sort through truckloads of documents, blueprints, books, and photographs, many unseen for decades. Museum Historian Mike Piersa will also discuss the Museum’s collection of Newcomen Society artifacts, a library of over 1,500 booklets devoted to the history of specific American corporations.

The National Museum of Industrial History “How It Works” series of tours are designed to help patrons further understand of specific facets of industrial history. The series is presented with NMIH’s Historian and includes behind-the-scenes looks at special collection items, artifacts, and aspects of the museum generally out of the public eye. This is the perfect chance to answer the questions of, “how does steam power work,” “how is steel made,” and more.

Admission for the “How It Works” tours is $5 in addition to regular museum admission.

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