Meet the Experts: New Jersey Zinc

Meet the Experts: New Jersey Zinc
Saturday, January 20th from 11am to 12pm

In 1898 the town of Palmerton was founded by New Jersey Zinc (NJZ), whose many interests around the world led to more than a century of success and made their “Horsehead” logo immediately recognizable to industry experts.  Like the Bethlehem Steel story, Palmerton has adapted to the loss of the smelting operations that defined the community and what its future brings.  In this month’s Meet the Expert presentation Peter Kern will tell how Palmerton came into existence, why at New Jersey Zinc’s peak more than 4,000 workers were employed there,  and why the town’s unique heritage has sustained it despite the fact that today New Jersey Zinc is all but gone from the Palmerton scene.

Peter Kern is a professional chemical engineer who joined The New Jersey Company Research Department in 1965 after receiving his graduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota. In the following twenty-three years he rose in position to Senior Vice President with responsibilities in numerous aspects of the Company’s business including the NJZ mine at Ogdensburg, New Jersey.   During his career he visited zinc operations around the world, many of which used technology developed and patented in Palmerton.

The Meet the Expert series takes place on the third Saturday of each month. This unique opportunity to hear thematic talks from experts in their respective fields will include a 45-minute lecture and 15-minute Q&A. Meet the Experts is included in your admission price and is free to all members of the museum.

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